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Newman’s Own Launches New Thousand Island Dressing  

Our new American inspired dressing is guaranteed to hit the spot this summer season whether you are entertaining friends or cooking a wholesome family meal. Legend has it that Thousand Island Dressing originated in New York in the early 20th century, when proprietor of the Waldorf Astoria NYC , George Boldt, was entertaining lunch guests with a cruise around the Islands. The chef aboard had run out of the ingredients to make his usual salad dressing and had to improvise with what was on hand. The dressing he whipped up was met with such great acclaim by the company on board that on-the-spot Boldt named it after his beloved islands and ordered it be served at his famous hotel. From there, Thousand Island Dressing became a nationwide sensation & is still hugely popular to this day.

Newman’s Own Thousand Island Dressing is a creamy dressing with tangy gherkins and a twist of chilli and red pepper. The tantalising flavour makes it a versatile accompaniment to a large range of dishes. Liven up your lunchtime by adding a dash to a deli style sandwich, or serve on the side with a delicious gourmet steak, or a simple bowl of fries. Of course, the dressing perfectly compliments classic, well-loved dishes like prawn cocktail.

Bring the outside in with Newman’s Own American Rubs 

We’re pleased to bring the flavours of US-style BBQ to the kitchen this summer with our new range American Rubs. The delicious flavoured rubs are based on traditional USA regional recipes; the Kentucky rub for ribs, a Carolina-style rub for pulled pork and Texas-inspired rub for brisket.

They’re so simple to use : apply the rubs to meat, before covering tightly with foil & cooking low & slow in the oven or slow cooker. Deliciously mouth-watering food for all the family!





New Dressings for Summer

We have two tasty new dressings available this summer :  creamy Blue Cheese and a zesty Santa Cruz Chilli and Lime Dressing to liven up your summer salad.

Blue Cheese Dressing works amazingly well with a simple salad of iceberg lettuce and bacon lardons, or on the side served with chicken wings or crudités. The Santa Cruz Chilli & Lime Dressing has a hot chilli kick with a punch of lime that tastes great with dishes of fish and chicken, or with a pasta salad.







American inspired Newman’s Own  Sauces

This summer you can really  liven up your  BBQ with our brand new range of American table sauces. All Star BBQ Sauce, Hot Pepper Sauce and Smokin’ Hot Dog Sauce are made with all-natural ingredients, & offer great quality flavours for everyday family usage. The sauces come in a handy no-spill bottle too, ideal for taking outdoors.

  • The All Star BBQ Sauce is a tangy BBQ sauce with a kick of horseradish.  Perfect with sausages, burgers, chips, steaks and chicken – a real all rounder!
  • The Hot Pepper Sauce is a hot and tangy sauce made with red chilli – a sauce with force!
  • The Smokin’ Hot Dog Sauce has all the flavours of American style mustard with an added hint of smoky chilli.